Do you know How much Water to Drink Based on your Weight

How much Water to Drink

Drinking water in sufficient quantities has countless benefits that are often failed to be realized by a majority of people. Drinking water can influence one’s health and all the efforts one puts into shed those extra pounds. Surveys suggest how consumption of water has helped the dieters lose some extra kilos by drinking water. Additional water consumption can cool down the body and can speed up the metabolic rate.

By considered the following facts we can know how much Water to Drink for the body:

  • Get to know your weight. The water consumption necessity varies according to the weight of the individual.
  • Set a milestone to drink total water weighing 67 percent of your body weight in ounces.
  • The water one needs to intake based on the activity level of the body of the individual. A person who sweats more would definitely require more water as compared to one who doesn’t.

To ensure that the milestone of drinking water is accomplished, one must take necessary steps. Some of them could be:

  • To Boost your water intake, place a glass of water by your bedside. 2 glasses when you get up and 1 before you retire would add effectively to your regular water intake.
  • A measurable container can be used to note the water consumption by an individual. Set a target of the number of times you would finish up the container and stick to the goal strictly. Think big and go for a larger container.
  • Drinking a glass of water before every meal makes one eat less and subsequently lose weight. If repeated for every meal, the water added to the regular water intake chart would be really significant.
  • Sparkling water or bubbled water which is often called as zero calorie water can be used in addition to the regular potable water to make the drinking process a fun.
  • One may add flavors to the water he drinks using fruits, herbs or any natural methods which would make it a lot easier to reach the fixed milestone.
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