Home Remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs

Get rid of Bed Bugs

The blood feeding brutal bed bugs have been one of the worries of almost everyone at some point or the other in their lives. The insects multiply rapidly and are found in warm places, the beds to be specific. It stings the host body during night hours and sucks the blood from the body. Although initially unaware of the attack, it can be characterized later with rashes, red and itchy welts etc. One can use the following to get rid of bed bugs

once and forever. However, these remedies can be used to minimize the effects of the infection:bed bugs

Usually found in your kitchen, baking soda absorbs moisture from the bed bugs and kills them due to its microbial properties.baking-soda

A teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder with oregano can be boiled and used to kill bed bugs due to its microbial properties.dried-herbs

With a significant mortality rate, diatomaceous earth can be spread around the house to kill the bed bugs.

One can get all the probable destinations of bed bug growth steamed to prevent the growth of bed bugs. A hair dryer at highest mode can also be used for some time for the purpose.hairdryer

The bed bugs can be removed from their layers by vacuum cleaners or stiff brushes.vacuum-cleaner

Herbal solutions can also be applied for the easy removal of the bed bugs. Some of them include:

Sweet flag or calamus can be used as a bed bug repellent due to its microbial and aromatic properties. Indian Lilac can also be used for the purpose.Indian Lilac

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Bean leaves if spread on the room floor traps the bugs in the place of infestation.Bean Leaf

With the additional removal of fungi and other harmful microbes, tea tree oil can be used to clean the home and it acts as a good bed bug repellent. Eucalyptus oil, lavender oil or rosemary can also be used.Rosemaryessentialoil

Mint leaves, black walnut tea, Beauveria bassiana etc. can also be used to fight out the bed bugs.Min and black walnut

Before putting any of these methods to use, the harmful effects should also be considered.