Must know Health Tips and Precautions during the Monsoon

Health Tips and Precautions during the monsoon

After the sweltering heat, monsoons are a welcome respite, but the rain and wind also bring with them some very unwelcome guest. It is imperative to take precautions to stay healthy and disease free in this weather. Not just about staying away from water-logged areas and not eating street food. It’s all about the overall Precautions and Health Tips in the Rainy Season that need to be taken for you and your family to enjoy this weather, without getting sick.

Here are 7 Health Tips and  Precautions during the monsoon to safeguard yourselves

  1. Eat Carefully:

    Your digestive system is the most prone to infections in the rainy season. Be careful what you eat and drink. Drink only water that has been filtered or boiled. Avoid any street food like chaat, juices, goals etc. These are often exposed to rain water and will cause stomach infections. Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits from the outside too. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables at home, where you can ensure that they are washed thoroughly

  2. Watch what you drink:

    Once again drink only filtered or boiled water. Try not to compensate drinking clean water with carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. These drinks contain preservatives and sugars that can cause excessive urination. Try finding herbal teas that have antibacterial properties

  3. Don’t walk and play in the rain:

    OK, it’s fun and romance dancing in the rain, but rain waters contain many viral infections. So wash your feet when you come back into the house on a rainy day and do not walk around in moist socks. Diabetics need to take extra precaution during this season as the ground is full of germs. Do not sit in the AC with wet clothes. Change immediately. Keep an extra pair of clothes and shoes handy in case you get wet on the way to work

  4. Damp walls should be repaired immediately:

    Damp walls are prone to fungus growth. Especially asthmatics need to take special precaution as damp walls cause breathing problems

  5. Beware of mosquito infestation:

    As we all know, mosquitoes infest more during the rainy season due to the accumulated water and can cause diseases like malaria and dengue. It is always good to carry a mosquito repellent cream when going outdoors. There is an anti-malaria drug in the market if you are over cautious.

  6. Take bath twice a day:

    Rains cause humidity and sweat which can cause infections. A shower on reaching home will keep you germ-free. Add Vitamin C to your diet to boost up your immunity.

  7. Protect your eyes:

    Infections like conjunctivitis, dry eye, and corneal ulcers are very common during the rainy season. These can make you blind if they are not treated immediately. Refrain from touching your eyes especially when they are dirty.


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