Garlic–the wonder vegetable that reduces the risk of Lung Cancer

Garlic–the wonder vegetable

Over 1.2 million people all over the world die of Lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers a person can suffer.Mainly because it cannot be detected until it is in the later stages when it becomes incurable. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking, but research has shown that one fifth of lung cancer patients has never smoked in their life. So, how to avoid lung cancer then? The remedy is right in our kitchen…Garlic–the wonder vegetable that reduces the risk of Lung Cancer.

It is well known from our grandmother’s times and before that garlic is used for curing many ailments naturally. Research has not shown that it is very effective in treating lung cancer. It is observed to be viable for customary smokers to anticipate lung tumor.

Research on effectiveness of garlic

Allergies and a Solution
Researchers did a comparison study between patients suffering from lung cancer and people who are healthy. Patients were asked to fill out their dietary habits and their current lifestyle and habits, such has a frequency of smoking as well as the frequency of garlic consumption. The studies indicated that nonsmokers who consumed fresh garlic at least twice a week had 44% lesser chances of developing lung cancer, and was reduced by 30% for regular smokers. The study was conducted on people who had consumed fresh garlic only. It is unknown whether preserved, dried or frozen garlic is as effective in the prevention of cancer.

Previous researchers on garlic have shown that it is an ideal natural remedy to treat colds, infections as well as prevent malaria.

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Why is garlic so effective?

Garlic contains a chemical compound called allicin. when garlic is smashed or hacked that compound will get discharged. Allicin is an antioxidant that prevents the creation of free radicals that cause cancer. It is also very effective in reducing inflammations.