30 simple diet and fitness tips for a Healthy Life


There are 30 simple diet and fitness tips for diet and fitness that one gets confused. It is quite basic and simple really – all you need is a one stop shop to look up all the strategies. Listed below are all the fitness mantras that you will need to make your fitness goals come true.

Wonderful Water:

You need to hydrate your body after all kinds of exercise. And God given water is the best hydrant for your body. Drinks like Gatorade are filled with electrolytes but also with calories. If you work out is for a duration more than one hour, you can take these electrolyte loaded drinks for a replenishment boost.

Find an exercise buddy

 Find an exercise buddyA good exercise buddy will make the workout fun and keep you focused. Picking a good exercise buddy is very important. You need someone who is as serious as you are about fitness, someone you can look up to and who encourages you. So make a list of all you exercise-loving friends and then pick one who fits best.

Grocery must buys:

3 diet friendly items that you must ensure to buy in your next and every time you go for groceries: Balsamic Vinegar (use it as a salad dress on salads), nuts in the shell (extra protein and Fiber) and fat free plain yogurt (keeps the stomach cool and is a source of protein). Greek Yogurt also works well low-calorie dressing and dip.

A tip to relieve muscle pains:

Sometimes you will have muscle aches after a fitness program. One way to relieve this pain is to submerge your lower body in cold water. You can put some ice cubes in it to make it to really cold. Many athletes use this technique to reduce soreness. Another method is to get regular massages to aid your fitness routine.

Fruit can be a substitute for sweets:

One of those people how cannot think of anything once you start craving for sweets? Here is what you can try the next time cut a slice of apple and top it with peanut or almond butter or have some fresh figs with ricotta. When a craving for sweet, think fruit first.

A good runner needs a good pair of sneakers:

Make a note of these pointers when you go buying for sneakers – Always shop for them in the evening as the feet swell during the day. It just makes sense to buy when they are the fattest, buy roomy shoes so that you may wiggle your toes, but they should not be too loose. Ensure that they should be comfortable right from the moment you wear them.

Music for the tempo and rhythm:

Pick your music for exercise. Nothing peps you up like good music. It encourages and pushes you to go on and on. To pick your playlist, take some time to understand what kind of music gets you going.

Consistency in check your weight:

Check your weight in the morning before eating or drinking anything as soon as you get up. Make sure to check your weight at the same time weekly.

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Cut down on food with more calories:

If you do not have a diet plan, start with looking at what portion of carbohydrates are you eating. Steadily cut down on meat, rice, and bread. Replace the amounts cut down with veggies and fresh fruit. This will add more fiber to your diet and reduce the calorie intake

Combat cocktail hour:

Drinks add up to your calories, you know! But if it is a party you can hardly sit and enjoy with an empty glass. Here’s a tip. Order water between every drink you take. This will keep you sober, arrest you drink calories intake and ensure that you do not binge on the snacks offered. You can add lemon or orange to your water for flavor and do bottoms up with an easy mind that you are not blowing up the complete weeks healthy eating.

What to eat on the day of a long run:

If you are running a 5 or 10K run, you need to ensure that you have eaten right. You need to stay sharp and fueled but it should also not make you feel heavy. A couple of toast with peanut butter or a bowl of oatmeal with fruits should do good. Top it up with coffee or tea to keep you active and sharp. You must eat 90 minutes before you start your warm-up exercises.

Not lose heart when you give into cravings:

A good healthy diet plan does not really go off track just because one day you had a huge ice cream or a creamy cake at someone’s party. So don’t lose heart. Once in a while, it does you good to indulge. Remember it takes 3,500 calories to gain one pound. Just pick up the tempo of your exercise a little for the next few days and you will be back on track. Do not try to reduce eating because starving yourself will only make your body weak.

Pack a pair of sun shades when you hit the road for a run:

Apart from your cell phone which will track your run time and play your best on the run music and a water bottle, you must ensure to carry your sports sun shades, especially on a sunny day. When the sun hits the eyes, we start squinting and ultimately this starts stressing our shoulders. So it’s very important to relax your eyes on the run to conserve your energies. Use a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. Put a lip balm of SPF 15. And wear a hat.

Prepare for a weekend soiree in advance:

If you have a planned weekend party or a celebration, prepare yourself a week in advance. Increase your activity – run an extra mile or increase your walk by 15 minutes for the week so that you can let your body binge without guilt on the weekend.

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Flavor up your diet:

Included herbs, spices and lemon on your palate. It is easy to get into a diet rut even if it includes your favorites fruits and vegetables. It is amazing how a little spice and lemon can change and improve the routine with very little increase in calories

Increase your exercise gradually:

The general rule of thumb is to increase your effort by 5 to 10% each week. This allows the body to adjust to the strain and accept more activity.

Fill your sundae with fruits:

Don’t worry about eating a sundae when you are out with friends and family. Just make sure that you top it up with fresh fruits. Avoid all the calorie-laden toppings.

Swap your shoes every two years:

All of us have a favorite pair that has logged a lot of miles with us. But materials in the shoe tend to wear off in about two years time. So, if your shoes are older than two years it’s time to swap them.

When running make sure you have the right bra support:

Running is another matter and your bra needs to be able to support all the bumping. Your sports bra should be loose near the chest so you can expand your chest and ribs more easily but should also be form fitting to give support. Make sure that the cup is made of comfortable material and that material will give good support when running.

How to ease side stitches when you are running:

When you are working out the hardest, sometimes your rib cage will pop with severe pain. This keeps you from finishing your workout. Make a fist and press beneath your rib cage. Take deep breaths on your stomach for about 30 seconds. The pain will subside and you can finish your workout.

Shaking slim with company: 

Getting bored working out alone. Turn on your favorite tunes and invite a few girlfriends to shake a leg with you. An hour of shaking to the tunes will burn 200 to 600 calories.

Learn to survive peer pressure:

You are on the right track and eating healthy, then your partner wants to order pizza. What do you do? Learn to say no and order a side salad. That way you can still have a piece and assuage your hunger with the salad. If your friends want to dine outside, make sure that you suggest a restaurant that does serve healthy appetizers and food. No one said the road to fitness was all roses, you will need to say no to peer pressure.

Potato chips are not all that bad:

Potato chips are not all that bad Potato chips contain resistant starch that keeps you filled for a long time. So once in a while savor your carbs. Open a one serving pack of chips and binge. It’s ok. Other carbs like brown rice are also good for the body.

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Don’t eat lunch in front of your computer:

You might be a good soldier working your way through your lunch but get this, eating mindlessly may make you eat more than what you are supposed to eat. So take out 20 minutes of your day and eat in the lunch room with your friends.

Plan your snack time:

It’s best to plan your snack time to make sure that you don’t hit the vending machine for chips or cookies. At 3 pm, you just have to eat something to hold you until dinner. It’s actually good for you to snack. But if you bring your food from home you can avoid unnecessary calories. Bring a bowl of fruit or veggies with some non-fat dressing and that should do the trick and save you money.

Prevent your skin from chafing:

You’ve got a good run or workout planned out but you seem to chafe between your thighs or around your sports bra often. This causes irritation and disturbs your routine. Prevent this from happening by applying anti-chafe cream or lip balm in the spots where there will be friction of body parts. Those long runs will be a joy once you have protected yourself from chafing.

How to maintain what you have lost?:

Best time to workout is in the morningHey, you’ve done a great job of reducing, but how do you maintain the lost weight? Here are some tricks – Always keep an eye on the scales, so you know when you are putting on weight again, Make someone your diet confidante – Talk to them about what you have eaten in the day, don’t change your exercise regimen even if you have reached the goal of losing the pounds you wanted to.

30 grams of fiber per day:

If you want to lose weight, along with protein, fiber is your best friend. Make a note of all food that is rich in fiber. Ensure that you include these in your meal planning. Consuming 30 grams of fiber a day actually, helps you reduce weight and keeps your digestive system going.

Best time to workout is in the morning:

Your metabolic rate is the highest in the morning. So if you drag yourself out of the bed and do a work out for 45 minutes you will spike your metabolism. You are sure to lose an additional 190 pounds due to this spike in your metabolism.

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day:

Body expands energy highest during the morning. So after a good work out if you have a good hearty breakfast, you will get a good energy boost for the rest of the day. Your breakfast should be half the calorie intake of whatever you eat throughout the day. Chances are, after a good breakfast you will be less tempted to binge on junk food. Research has found that women had a large drop in ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone by eating a good breakfast.