Eating tips to gain weight when Underweight

gain weight when Underweight

Being underweight is just as much a challenge and unhealthy as being overweight.we have Eating tips to gain weight when Underweight. If your body mass index is less than 18 you have a problem on your hands. Being underweight leads to many problems in the long term such infertility, lack of immunity and weakness of bones. But there are ways to gain weight and here are some ways to put you on track:

Have more meals per day:

Organize your meal schedules. Ideally, you should have 3 major meals and 3 snack times in the day. The aim is to consume 500 calories more than you burn per day. This will help in increasing your weight by 1 Kg in two weeks, which is a healthy growth rate. Choose food that you like to make weight gain fun

Concentrate on nutrient rich foods:

Vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and dairy products are good choices for food with high nutrition. Fatty junk food like chips, pastries, and pizzas will not help. Focus on healthy and steady weight gain not filling your body with fats. Unsaturated food like seeds and nuts are dense in calories, fiber, and protein. Whole grain cracker, banana, peanut or almond butter is nutritious and healthy. Cereal, low-fat cheese, avocados, salads, yogurt, and fish are some good choices.

Add a bedtime snack to your schedule:

Eating a calorie-rich snack before bed may help in weight gain. Bedtime snack should not be heavy. Oatmeal with whole milk, jelly or peanut butter sandwiches, whole grain or cheese crackers, yogurt with granola and nuts are some good examples of what you should plan to eat before bedtime to get the calorie count up while you are sleeping.

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Add 4 glasses of calorie dense juices to your diet schedule:Healthy Foods In Summer

Drink at least 4 glasses of juice daily between meals. This will add a hundred calories to your calorie kitty per day.

Consume more dairy products:Diary products

Full-fat dairy to gain weight needs an extra mention. Nothing works as effectively as consuming full-fat dairy products for healthy weight gain. Assuming that your body is able to digest consumption of full-fat dairy products, they are a rich source of protein, calcium and vitamin D that are all very much essential for healthy weight gain. Full-fat dairy products like cheese, whole milk, full cream yogurt are good sources. If you have high blood pressure, you can use low fat powdered milk to soups, smoothies, and sauces, instead of whole milk.
Use healthy oils to cook food: Canola and olive oil are a good source of healthy nutrients and fats. Stir fry vegetables, chicken and other foods instead of baking or grilling them. Use oils to marinate chicken, meat, fish, and tofu. Add vinegar and olive oil as toppings for your salads and steamed vegetables

Know your body:

Get to a physician and get a thorough check up done. Understand if there are any deficiencies or issues due to which you are underweight. Follow prescription of a doctor. A consultation with a nutritionist will also help. Start exercising and ask advice from your gym instructor.