Health Tips for Working Professionals

2017 Health tips for working professionals

To strive and be successful, your career oriented people must focus on their mental and physical well-being this 2017 Health Tips for Working Professionals.

Young Working women are more prone to health related issues like depression, weight gain, hair loss, acne, heart-related ailments, irregular menstruation, low fertility etc. Several gynecologists have confirmed that work pressure and stress affect women more than men both mentally and physically.

These women are also prone to diabetes and have three times the higher risk of developing cancer in the uterus so here some Tips for Working Professionals.

The age of technology and desk jobs have affected the young working population leading to heart diseases. High work pressure and long working hours leave no scope for regular physical activity, due to which the rate of heart pumping the oxygenated blood to major organ slows down.

Added to this the quick hunger fixes of fast foods and a growing predilection to alcohol and smoking adds the oil to the already burning fire in their bodies. This kind of lifestyle makes them prone to health issues like obesity, an increase in blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, heart problems and depression.

A little change in routine can benefit to a large extent. Proper intake of food and ensure that you monitor your weight. Ensure that you eat home food, as outside food is adulterated and polluted. The comfy lifestyle that we are used to due to technology, has made it that much harder for us to remain healthy naturally.

So we have to make an extra effort to counter the existing factors that propagate our ill health and focus on taking bouncing back to health. With communicable and seasonal diseases like dengue, malaria and viral fever adding a huge dent in our routine to regain our health, we must also look around for health programs and medical developments to aid our journey back as preventive measures.

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Mental calm and health

Women Meditation
Young working professionals should focus foremost on their mental health. Without your mind’s stability, it is impossible to work out the physical well-being. A stressed mind is neither balanced nor focused. So it is imperative that your mind is stimulated and engaged. You need to force your mind to de-stress. This requires certain practice and control.

Listed below are some tips that we can share to ease your mind and increase the capacity of your brain:

Understand your triggers:

Most of us do not even understand what triggers anxiousness and stress in our subconscious mind. Sometimes we are so busy about getting from point A to point B in our lives that we do not even know we are stressed. You need to analyze what are these triggers and keep them in check.

Join Yoga, meditation or Dance class:

ball exercise
All these sessions require a certain mental discipline that will help your mind relax and focus on some this more powerful that whatever it is worrying about. You can also substitute this by learning a new instrument. Or go the old style by going for a run.

Use Acupressure:

Stress creates knots in the back and shoulders, which are quite painful. Try some acupressure sessions to ease out the knots of strain in your shoulders and back

Use calming techniques to sleep:

When stressed sleep can be filled with anxious dreams which are the manifestation of stress in your mind. Try to meditate or read a relaxing book instead of working or watching world news. Take a hot shower to ease and calm your brain before getting into bed, or soak in a scented bathtub (check out aromatherapy). Calm sleep will heal and regenerate your mind better than anything else

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Choose what you eat with care:

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, nuts and raisins are known to nourish the nerves. Have porridge or something light for dinner instead of the traditional carbs that you eat. This will also help in getting a restful sleep

Natural detoxification works wonders for the mind:

A mocktail like a juice of apple, carrot, ginger, beetroot and mint can go a long way to detox the body and help calm the mind

Change your lifestyle and diet

An immediate need to rework your diet and exercise pattern cannot be underestimated. If you would like to stay fit and strong this 2017 you need to give these below pointer and try.

Go for fresh:

Healthy diet
Fresh fruits and vegetables are the first things you need to learn to make friends with. Every nutrition, mineral, vitamin and fiber that you need is available in different fruits and vegetables without the pesky carbs to keep your weight in check, at the same time keep you fit.

Balance it with proteins from lean meats and low-fat dairy products:

Diary products
Balance is essential for the body. Proteins and carbs are also needed for the body. So choose sources that give good protein and carbs such as lean meat like chicken, lamb and fish, low-fat dairy products and whole grains. This will also add variety to your meals

Processed food is harmful to the body:

Potato chips are not all that bad
Not only do processed foods have unhealthy fat, but they also have additives that can make you addicted to them.The body does not know how to process this kind of food, so it stores them as unhealthy packets of fat in the body.

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Rediscover Water:

Water has wonderful properties. Research has shown that just by drinking cold water can increase our metabolism can increase by 30 to 40% for 10 to 40 minutes. It is well known that a well-hydrated body maintains a good PH balance that leads to good skin, hair, and nails. Water also helps our body to absorb fat and nutrients better. By increasing the intake of water we can even lose weight.

Learn to start cooking healthy:

Cooking yourself helps in many ways. By cooking yourself you can avoid the additional cost of buying outside food, and also you can learn to cook with healthy and weight conscious meals.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Leave the vegetables as raw as possible
  • Use healthy oils like sunflower oil or olive oil.
  • Add taste with olive oil, avocado or nuts instead of adding more spices. More spices mean more salt. Nuts are filling and easy to digest. They are a source of unsaturated fat which can be processed more easily by our body.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol and quit smoking altogether.
  • Exercise regularly and increase physical activity of the body:
    To counter your desk job ensure to do the as much physical activity as possible consciously Do some bending and squatting in between work.

It needs much effort to handle today’s pressure at both work and home. To maintain a good work life balance is thus very important. Let’s make a true effort this 2017 to win back our health and life.